Saturday, March 2, 2013

wow it's been awhile

 Ok, so let's start where i left off. August. wow...
             Four days passed and i went to TESA.  I had met a girl named Faris at a swim party. She seemed nice, and i thought we would be good  friends, but she was in the other class, and, well, it just didn't work out. No clue why. Anyway, then i met a girl named Presley and we became  great friends.  Then i also met my friends Angie, Tatum, Rachel, and Natalie. After school was over the first day i went straight to Ballet.
  I remember at the end of the day thinking  how i was ever going to do that every single day.

       this is my schedule
:monday/wensday : 1: wake up at 6:00 . 2: leave at 7:00. 3: school over at 3:30 4: dance starts at 4:30                                                       5: get home at 7:30

tuesday/thursday: same as 1-3  4: dance starts at 5:00 5: get home at 9:30

there really is so much more to say besides bye...


         p.s my instagram: @ballethero


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