Saturday, April 17, 2010

JuJuJuJu-JUMP Dance Convention!

JuJuJuJu-JUMP Dance Convention!
I took some classes with some famous dancers from So You Think You Can Dance! I posted some pictures of me and my friends at the dance convention.
This is my friend Victoria after we performed "Boogie Wonderland"
This is me and Mandy Moore from SYTYCD. It was really fun to be in her class. She was so silly! Like me! We danced to "Love Shack" We had to pretend to knock on the door and shout "Let me in! Let me in!" and "Five plus five plus ten equals twenty!" And yes, I knew that.
This is me and some of my other friends from my studio at the convention.
This is my dance team before we did "Poker Face"


It was a very fun trip. I got to meet some of my favorite people from SYTYCD.



  1. Your blog is AWESOME! Your dance costume is cool.
    from bella xoxox

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